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Goddess Eve

"I am unlike any Mistress you have ever experienced. A true Goddess, I will leave you aching with want, and breathless with desire.

My area of expertise is Tease and Denial. You can look, but you can't touch. I dress to thrill, in My fishnet stockings and plunging necklines, and I love the effect I have on you, teasing you to the point of exquisite frustration.

I know how much you long to touch yourself, but I am in charge. Hands off until I give you permission.

I may look soft and feminine, but don't be fooled; I can be very strict if you break the rules. Remember - I said HANDS OFF!

After a while, if you are very good, I may count backwards from twenty to one, and allow you to get your sweet relief ..."

Call: 1900 900 100

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