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Mistress Abbie

"If this is your idea of bliss, you are obviously a footboy who loves to worship his Mistress's feet.

Luckily for you, I have the most exquisite pair of feet you can imagine.

I wear a size 7B. As any foot connoisseur knows, this is the ideal female foot size; elegant in length, and sensuously slim.

My arches are high and well defined; the result of wearing sky-high stilettos since My early teens.

I have the prettiest toes, topped off with bright, shiny polish - usually red.

I like to keep the soles of My feet soft, with rich creams and lotions. As My footboy, you would be required to massage them often. Perhaps you can think of something even more delicious to rub into them ..."

Call: 1900 900 100

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