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Mistress Flame

"Do you crave absolute Dominance by a harsh Mistress?

Do you believe that the sole purpose of your existence is to worship and serve a powerful Goddess?

Well get in line, loser. I have a long list of pathetic wimps, just like you, who would do ANYTHING to be My slave. I simply will not waste My time on any old pleb; you have to prove you are WORTHY of serving Me. How can you prove this? If you have to ask, you are NOT worthy.

A true subservient knows his place - grovelling at My feet. You can start at My leather boots and slowly work your way up, but only when I command you to do so. Until then, keep your head down and don't you dare look at Me. Speak only when spoken to, and absolutely NO TOUCHING yourself until I grant you permission.

Break any of these rules and I WILL hang up on you. You have been warned."

Call: 1900 900 100

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