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Mistress Violet

"Look at my paddle. Can you imagine how much it burns? Mmm ... I bet you can. In fact, I bet you're salivating right now just thinking about it.

What naughty, depraved things have you been up to today that I need to punish you for? You are to call Me NOW and tell Me everything. I'm sure you'll enjoy the exquisite sting of my paddle, just as much as this pathetic slave did.

Will you cry like a baby and beg Me to stop? I hope so. I do so enjoy hearing you grovel and beg ... it makes Me want to punish you even harder for being so weak and pathetic.

When you call Me you are to address Me as Mistress Violet, and you had better be down on your knees, ready to grovel. Otherwise I might decide you are not worthy of My time, and hang up on you."

Call: 1900 900 100

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